Campaign1 Never Know Until You Try, Right? Gigas Treant Hunting Challenge! Count Duration: Expected to start after the October 3, 2018 maintenance and end before the October 10, 2018 maintenance (JST/UTC+9)


Current Enemies Hunted:


How to Count Hunted Enemies


Reward Items

  • Required Hunt Total Only 50! Rewards Recovery Item Set
  • Required Hunt Total 10,000 Rewards Equipment Enhancement/Transformation Set
  • Required Hunt Total 50,000 Rewards Skill Enhancement/Transformation Set
  • Required Hunt Total 100,000 Rewards Dragonbone Axe(2H Axe Weapon Avatar)
  • Required Hunt Total Roughly... 235,590 Rewards 300 Arcana Gems
  • Required Hunt Total 333,333 Rewards 1,060 Arcana Gems

Campaign2 Work together to get in-game items! Social Media Campaign Duration: Expected to start after the October 3, 2018 maintenance and end before the October 10, 2018 23:59 (JST/UTC+9)

If the total number of likes and comments for certain posts made across the official English, Chinese, and Korean SAOIF social media pages exceeds 3,333, 2 users will be chosen from a lottery to receive autographs from the SAO voice acting cast!! Check the official social media account for details!


Campaign3 More Updates! In-Game Anime Collaboration Event We'll continue to update the game with special events to commemorate the anime! Don't miss them!

Count Duration: Expected to start after the October 3, 2018 maintenance and end before the October 10, 2018 maintenance (JST/UTC+9)

Duration: Expected to start after the October 10, 2018 maintenance and end before the April 3, 2019 maintenance (JST/UTC+9)

Special Plan1 Weekly Updates?! Special Social Media Gift Icon Use an SAOIF stamp as your Twitter icon! We'll be releasing all 16 icons gradually week by week, so look out for updates!

  • 10/3–
  • 10/3–
  • 10/3–
  • 10/5–
  • 10/5–
  • 10/5–
  • 10/12–
  • 10/12–
  • 10/12–

Special Plan2 In-Game Event Trailer Now Available

Special Plan3 Event Story Character Poll Campaign Duration:October 10, 2018 18:00(JST/UTC+9)~October 22, 2018 11:59(JST/UTC+9)

Vote for the character you'd like to see in an episode alongside Alice and Eugeo! The most popular character will appear in an upcoming in-game story!


Special Plan 3: About the "Event Story Character Poll Campaign"
  • * Votes are limited to one per person per day and reset at midnight.(JST/UTC+9)
  • * Please note that we reserve the right to limit access to this page if illegitimate voting is confirmed.
  • * Please be aware that once you have voted, you cannot check, change, or rescind your vote.
  • * Please be aware that any voting after the deadline (10/22 11:59) will not be counted towards the total. (JST/UTC+9)
  • * The story that will feature the winning character will be announced at a later date. Please check the in-game notice for details.
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Campaign 1: "Never Know Until You Try, Right?"Gigas Treant Hunting Event
  • * You must complete Main quest [The Indomitable Fang] to participate in the event.
  • * Gigas Treant Hunting has three difficulties: Entry, Interior, and Depths. Each difficulty can be completed once per day.
  • * Gigas Treants from any Gigas Treant Hunting difficulty will be counted toward the total amount of enemies hunted.
    The Middle Treants in the Collection Dungeon will not be counted toward the number of enemies hunted.
  • * The current number of enemies hunted refers to the total amount of Gigas Treants hunted worldwide.
  • * The progress for the hunt is planned to be announced on a weekday afternoon in a notification(JST/UTC+9).
  • * Earned achievement rewards will be sent to your present box during the maintenance on October 17 (Wed).
  • * Event contents and duration may change without prior notice.
Campaign 2 Work together to get special items! Social Media Campaign
  • ・ This campaign may be changed or canceled without prior notice.
  • ・ Please abide by the terms of use for each respective social media platform.
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